Heaven’s Treasures Thrift & Value to Acquire Impact Thrift Stores

Heaven's Treasures Thrift & Value Stores will acquire Impact Thrift Stores in June of 2017FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Heaven’s Treasures Thrift & Value To Acquire Impact Thrift Stores

Montgomeryville, PA (June 2017) – Impact Thrift Stores, Inc., a nonprofit organization which operates three large thrift stores in southeastern Pennsylvania, announces that it has entered into an agreement to be acquired by Heaven’s Treasures Thrift & Value Stores LLC, of Wilmington, DE. Settlement on the purchase of the regional nonprofit thrift store chain is scheduled for the end of June, 2017.

Until the transaction is complete, the three stores located in Feasterville, Montgomeryville and Norristown, PA, will continue to operate as Impact Thrift Stores. There will be no clearance or going out of business sales as business as usual and hours of operation will remain business as usual.

Heaven’s Treasures Thrift and Value Stores LLC currently owns and operates two stores in the region located in Hatboro and Bristol, PA. Heaven’s Treasures acquired both of these properties from Impact Thrift Stores in February of 2017.

“Impact Thrift Stores considers it a privilege to have had the opportunity to serve this community over the past 17 years” said Tom Tillett, Chairman of the Impact Thrift Board of Directors. ”We are excited to be able to continue the core mission of supporting families and children in need through the acquisition by Heaven’s Treasures, who shares our historical values. In a rapidly changing retail market, we believe this is the best opportunity we have to continue to benefit our customers, employees, and many of our charitable organizations.”

Heaven’s Treasures will offer employment to all active Impact Thrift Store, Inc., employees at their current rate of pay and comparable benefits. They carry a wide range of gently-used and brand new merchandise at affordable prices.

Heaven’s Treasures CEO, James Jones, said “We are excited to serve the greater Philadelphia area in Bucks & Montgomery counties by continuing the traditions of hiring second chance employees, supporting charities and giving quality goods at affordable prices”.

“We appreciate all of these communities that we currently serve,” continued James Jones. “We will continue to support local charities as we move forward through this acquisition and transition. To this end, Heaven’s Treasures will make a one-time gift of $25,000 at the close of this acquisition to all of the charities currently supported by Impact Thrift.”




About Heaven’s Treasures Thrift and Value Stores: Based in Wilmington Delaware, Heaven’s Treasures was organized in December of 2016 with a mission of operating a chain of retail stores that will allow second chance employment, financially support charities and give affordable shopping experiences to the greater community while keeping with its corporate purpose, to glorify God throughout the community and world in which we live and work. To learn more, visit http://heavenstreasuresthrift.com, contact info@heavenstreasuresthrift.com, or connect with us on Facebook.

Contact: James Jones James.Jones@HeavensTreasuresThrift.com





School’s Out for Summer…

teach your children to shop thrift this summer Looking for summer activities for your kids? Now’s a great time to teach them to be savvy thrift shoppers!

Why, you ask? For so many reasons that will serve them well throughout their lives.

Not everything “good” has to be brand new!

Value can be found in gently used stuff too! Think about that book you just read or clothing that no longer fits you… or your lifestyle. Certainly think of the clothing your kids have outgrown. These items definitely have more use left in them, but just not to you. This is a great lesson for kids who have been raised in our disposable society.

Teach kids to express themselves at a fair price

Be sure to point out the prices for items at the thrift store as compared to big box or mall retail stores. How much would that pair of jeans cost if you were shopping for brand new at the mall? Or that oversized t-shirt? How much more life do those thrifted jeans still have to offer!? Show your kids how much more they can get for the same amount of money at a thrift store.

Teach them to do some good for the community – that the community is their responsibility, period.

Both donating the items they don’t want, use or need anymore and shopping at a thrift store, are great ways to help the community. Donating equals recycling and keeping items out of land fills, helping the environment. Shopping helps to keep community members employed and local charities supported. Help them understand that while some people thrift shop by choice, a great number of folks thrift out of necessity. If you kids have an interest they might consider getting some of their friends together and organizing a community collection drive or volunteering some time! That would make and even bigger impact in the community!

Teach kids to think outside the retail box…

Kids know what they want. They want what their friends have, what they see advertised on TV and online. They want it all (and they want it now!) Make a game of thrift shopping by challenging them to come up with a new craft project using items they find on the Bric-a-Brac shelves. Challenge them to put together a fashionable outfit for themselves.  Maybe they can find a shirt to tie dye or a vintage jean jacket. Challenge them to find something – anything – wrong with a gently-used bicycle!

Have a little fun on a rainy day and challenge them to a Thrift Store Scavenger Hunt! 

We’ve put together this short list of items you can find at most thrift stores… add to this list as you think of things that will interest your kids:

  • a pair of Lucky Brand jeans.
  • a tea kettle
  • a bowl with a yellow flower on it
  • a record album – vinyl or cd – of (you name the band)
  • a coloring book
  • a video game t-shirt
  • a book (by your child’s favorite author)
  • a Christmas ornament
  • something with a plug
  • a cat… or dog… or goose
  • cowboy boots
  • a belt with a buckle
  • a hat with a flower
  • a picture frame with a real picture in it!
  • a ball of yarn

RePurpose a Book for Mom!

DIY Mom's favorite book into a lovely planter for Mother's Day using this free tutorial from Impact Thrift Stores located in Feasterville, Montgomeryville and Norristown PADoes mom have a favorite book or book series? Bring her favorite book to life by turning it into a lovely planter as a Mother’s Day gift! She will know you are thinking of her and appreciate the effort… and the lovely plant!

One suggestion though. First find a duplicate of her favorite book at Impact Thrift Stores rather than using her actual favorite copy of the book, just in case she enjoys reading it again and again!

Let’s get started! Gather these supplies: 

• 1 hard cover book
• Exacto knife or utility blade
• craft glue
• small stones/pebbles
• plastic grocery bag
• potting soil & a small plant


Cut a shape out of the top cover of your hard cover book to begin the project of turning a book into a planter for mother's day gift

Photo #1

1) Measure the cover of the book and draw a square (or any shape) in the center of the cover leaving at least 1 inch around all edges.

Once shape is cut all the way down to the back cover, you're ready to proceed with turning a book into a fabulous Mother's Day Gift

Photo #2

2) Using our utility knife, carefully slice through the front cover along the lines or your square. Continue to cut that shape from the pages until you reach the back cover of the book. Do not cut through the back cover. Clean out any shreds of paper and smooth the edges of hole you have created. (Photo #1 & #2)

3) Using your fingers, generously pour craft glue into the hole you have cut, smearing it up the side walls. (Photo #3) Once the walls are covered, place a heavy object such as a stapler on the open edge of the book to press the pages together.

press a plastic grocery bag into the space while the glue is still wet to seal the inside of the planter

Photo #4

Smear white glue with your hands to fill the space and glue the pages together as we turn a book into a Mother's Day gift

Photo #3

4) While the glue is still wet, use your hand to press the plastic bag into the space you’ve created. Push the bag into the corners and up the sides of the shape. Cut excess bag using a scissor or your utility blade. Allow the glue to dry overnight. (Photo #4) Once dry, glue a line of small stones or pebbles around the edge to cover the top cut edge of the book and plastic bag. Allow glued stones to dry. (Photo #5)

Glue rocks around the top edge to hide the cut edge of your book and plastic bag

Photo #5

5) Once these rocks are securely in place, fill the bottom half inch of the open space with small pebbles and fill the rest with potting soil.

Plant your houseplant and present to Mom as a gift from your heart!

Click here for a printable pdf version!

Job Fair!

impact thrift stores is now hiring for many full and part time positions at our donation processing center in montgomeryville, and our stores in feasterville, montgomeryville and norristown, paJOB FAIR

Friday, March 31 

10am – 2pm

Impact Thrift Donation Processing Center
201 Progress Drive, Montgomeryville, PA 18936
Now Hiring for multiple positions at the
Donation Processing Center in Montgomeryville!
Donation Sorters • Dock/Warehouse • Truck Driver/Assistant
Click here for complete list of job openings and to download an application!
No appointments necessary.  NOTE: Job site not along a bus route

Volunteer Spotlight

You hear it often – Shop. Donate. Volunteer.  But what’s it like to be a Volunteer at Impact Thrift?

Janice Miller volunteers at Impact Thrift in Norristown Pa, a nonprofit which supports the Philadelphia area community i

Janice Miller, Volunteer Extraordinaire!

I spoke with Janice Miller, one of our wonderful dedicated volunteers who offered to share her story.

“Like most people, things didn’t turn out exactly the way they were planned,” said Janice when we spoke earlier this week.  “Originally, I was an English teacher, and I taught for six of the worst years of my life” in a Philadelphia high school.  “Then, I wanted something calm so I went to library school and got a degree in Library Science. You can’t get much calmer than being a librarian.”  

But again, life took a different turn, and Janice became a temporary employee in the computer science industry. She soon became a programmer trainee, and through on-the-job training she became a programmer and eventually a project manager. “A good fit for my skill set because I’m naturally bossy and organized!” she joked.

As that company changed due to the times, outsourcing and downsizing, Janice was able to retire at the age of 55. Not one to sit at home, she began working for her niece who owned a greeting card and stationary business. Janice participated in every aspect of the retail business from shipping to billing to customer service to taking out the trash!

Recently, she chose to retire again in order to focus on some of her other interests. Calling upon her past experience as an English teacher and librarian, Janice chose to be a literacy tutor.

“In the process of getting set up with that,” she explained, “I went to RSVP and learned about Impact Thrift.” The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program connects those wishing to volunteers their time with organizations that would love the help. For more information about RSVP, go to http://www.rsvpmc.org.

shop donate volunteer at Impact Thrift Store in Norristown, Feasterville and Montgomeryville PA

(left to right) Beverly Walters, an Impact Thrift employee, Linda Esposito, Impact Thrift Shopper and Janice Miller, Impact Thrift Volunteer pictured at our Norristown store.

“I need to be busy. I needed something more. I’m here two days per week and after working for Impact I go to the library to tutor,” said Janice. “I like it here so much more than I ever expected. I like the people, working with the staff and the customers. There are customers who come in every single week. It keeps me coming back. It brings out something in my personality that other activities don’t.”

Janice was not a thrift shopper before volunteering at Impact Thrift.

“I never went to a thrift shop because my sister is a thrift shop shopper, and she looks horrible. So I thought, that’s what they have at thrift shops. But once I was here, I came to realize it’s not the fault of the thrift shop; it’s the lousy taste of my sister!” (Shhhh… don’t tell her sister she said that!)

Janice also appreciates her volunteer discount.

“I have many items I’ve gotten for 82 cents. When I go out to lunch with my friends I’ll go like 82 cents (pointing to her sweater)… my Eddie Bauer down jacket… nine dollars! It’s fun!”

As life gets busier and busier every day, one of the greatest gifts you can give is the gift of your time. Are you interested in giving your time and becoming a volunteer at one of our stores or Donation Processing Center? Contact us today to find out how you can get involved!

~Jill Tarabar

Change is the Only Constant…

Impact Thrift Stores, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to financially support locally based charities and positively impact local communities through our thrift store operations.


The month of February will bring BIG changes to Impact Thrift Stores.  These changes will increase our strength as an organization and enable us to better serve you and the community.

On February 4, 2017, our stores at 14 E. Moreland Ave, Hatboro, and 208 Commerce Circle, Bristol, will cease to operate as Impact Thrift Stores.  While the decision to divest these two locations was not an easy one, we are excited by the opportunity to concentrate our resources on our three largest locations: Feasterville, Montgomeryville, and Norristown.  The size of the Feasterville, Montgomeryville, and Norristown stores allows them to host the full line of Impact Thrift’s gently used merchandise, including furniture and large household items which are difficult to display in the Hatboro store and impossible in the Bristol store.  Impact Thrift will also be increasing our focus on online shopping.  We invite you to visit our new ecommerce site to explore an expanded collection of vintage, unique, and collectible items.

Impact Thrift’s commitment to our mission has not changed. We take the responsibility of supporting our charities, caring for our employees, and providing access to affordable clothing and household goods very seriously. With an increasingly competitive retail environment, compounded by the surge of online sellers, Impact Thrift has been experiencing lower than projected sales trends.  In response to these trends, we have made many adjustments to improve sales and reduce costs. However, despite our best efforts, it was evident that more significant actions were needed in order to preserve our mission and continue to serve our community. As a result, Impact Thrift Stores entered into an agreement to sell our Hatboro and Bristol locations to a private entity.  The 15 employees at the Hatboro and Bristol stores have been offered comparable positions with the new retailer who will occupy the space after February 4th.  This change will allow us to further reduce expenses, refocus our resources, and most importantly, move our mission forward.

We thank you for your past support of the Hatboro and Bristol locations, and welcome you to visit our Feasterville, Montgomeryville and Norristown stores.  Please note, Impact Thrift Gift Cards, Winter Rewards Cards and coupons will only be valid at Impact Thrift Stores in Feasterville, Montgomeryville, and Norristown after 2/4/17.


Q.)   Why is Impact Thrift ceasing operations in two stores?

A.)   With no margin, we have no mission. The divestiture of our smaller Hatboro and Bristol stores will allow us to focus on our three largest, most successful locations that allow us to accommodate our full line of product offerings. We will also be expanding our e-commerce business that will allow us to bring unique items and collectibles of interest to a broader customer base.

Q.)   What will become of the two stores?

A.)   As we began plans for restructuring, we were approached by an individual representing an independent, for-profit, business entity that expressed an interest in acquiring both the Bristol and Hatboro store businesses. Heaven’s Treasure Thrift & Value Stores LLC, out of Wilmington, DE plans to open for business in Bristol and Hatboro as of Monday, February 6, 2017.

Q.)   What will happen to the employees at the Bristol and Hatboro stores?

A.)   As a condition of the transaction, the ownership of Heaven’s Treasures will offer employment to all 15 current Impact Thrift Stores employees at the Hatboro and Bristol retail locations at their current rate of pay and comparable benefits.

Q.)   How will this affect Impact Thrift Stores’ mission in the community?

A.)   The Impact Thrift mission has not changed. We remain committed to providing access to affordable clothing and household goods at our three larger stores, the largest of which, Feasterville, is located less than 10 miles from the Bristol and Hatboro stores. We also believe these changes will make Impact Thrift stronger financially and thus better able to support our many partner charities that help people in need.

Q.)   What external pressures helped lead to this decision?

A.)   The retail market has become increasingly more competitive as demonstrated by the recent announcements of upcoming store closures by major retailers nationwide (e.g., Macy’s, Sears, K-Mart). The shift to online shopping has also added to the complexity of the retail environment, making it more challenging for retailers to support the overhead of traditional “brick-and-mortar” locations.

Q.)   Will Impact Thrift Stores focus more on e-commerce or online sales?

A.)   In December of last year, Impact Thrift made a commitment to moving much of its silent auction items to an online format. Customer response has been overwhelmingly positive and early results in this area have been promising. Click here to visit Impact Thrift’s eBay store. Traditional Silent Auction is still available at our Feasterville and Montgomeryville locations.

Q.)   Where will Winter Rewards Cards, Gift Cards and coupons be accepted?

A.)   The Impact Thrift $15 Winter Rewards Cards are redeemable until February 28 at all stores except Bristol and Hatboro. Due to the change in ownership, the cards will only be accepted in Bristol and Hatboro until Feb 4. The same holds true for Impact Thrift Gift Cards and coupons. Winter Rewards cards, Gift Cards and coupons will continue to be accepted at Impact Thrift Stores Feasterville, Montgomeryville and Norristown locations.

Q.)   Will there be “going out of business” sales at the Bristol and Hatboro stores?

A.)   No. We will continue to offer the same selection of great merchandise, with new inventory arriving daily at the two stores through February 4.  Our usual discounts, coupons and promotions will apply through February 4, but we do not plan to hold any going out of business sales.

If you can’t beat ’em… Join ’em!

comic books are the type of items you will find in Impact thrift stores eBay shop impactontlineThose of you familiar with our larger stores surely know our Silent Auction… stocked with unique, interesting and nostalgic artwork, furniture, collectibles, books and more!

Well, we’re taking Silent Auction into the 21st Century! Introducing ImpactOnlineImpact Thrift’s new eBay Store!

ImpactOnline will offer smaller items that are easy to ship such as artwork, books, collections, clothing and accessories.  You’ll still find larger artwork and furniture along with a variety of those smaller items and collections at our Feasterville and Montgomeryville stores’ Silent Auction. These items are not always “antique” or “collectible” but are always unique, interesting and nostalgic. Some may have a greater value, others are simply unusual. Each of our stores and eBay shop will have a different, unique mix of items. 

When possible, we will do a little research into the item if it is signed, if it has a label or some kind of obvious identification or back story.  The items are not authenticated but put out for bid in Silent Auction or eBay “as is”.  The market value of each item is determined by you, the bidding public.

In the store Silent Auction, we simply set the opening bid and bidding intervals and invite you to place your bids! Bidding continues until 7 operating business days without a new bid, at which point the highest bidder is awarded the item.

On eBay, we also set an opening bid and often a “buy it now” price! Some items will have a reserve to meet as well.

Click here to visit ImpactOnline!

Double Your Impact!

Impact Thrift Stores financially supports a variety of charities in the Philadelphia area who focus on the needs of families and children in crisisYour cash donation matched…

As 2016 comes to a close, I look back on the 15-year history of Impact Thrift Stores from our modest beginnings in Hatboro in 2001 to the operation we have today that touches more than 700,000 lives annually. Click here to read our Mission Update.

Over the years, many have experienced and continue to enjoy the thrill of thrift at our stores, and many local community members in need are supported by our organization.  We pledge to continue to respond to the needs in our community as we are able while we adjust to the more challenging state of the retail business.

But to do this, we need your help. 

Please consider giving an end of year, tax-deductible cash donation to Impact Thrift Stores. You can double the impact of your gift if you make a donation today as members of our Board of Directors have pledged to match dollar for dollar each donation received by December 31, 2016, up to a total of $20,000.

To donate online, click here. Check should be mailed to Impact Thrift Stores, Inc., 201 Progress Drive, Montgomeryville, PA 18936.

Thank you for your support and God bless you.


Gray Wirth
President & CEO

Impact Thrift Is Now…

Heaven’s Treasures Thrift & Value

Visit The New Site For Great Deals!

Our Story

Heaven’s Treasures was organized in December of 2016 with a mission of operating a chain of retail stores that will allow second chance employment, financially support charities and give affordable shopping experiences to the greater community while keeping with its corporate purpose, to glorify God throughout the community and world in which we live and work. In February 2017, they acquired Impact Thrift Stores Hatboro and Bristol locations. On Tuesday, June 27, 2017, Impact Thrift Stores in Feasterville, Montgomeryville and Norristown will also become Heaven’s Treasures Thrift and Value Stores!
We invite you to shop and donate while supporting charities and our community.