Find the Best Treasures

Where can you find the best treasures?

Location… Location… Location…

As you travel to the thrift store, are you checking to see if your car doors are locked? Or are you admiring manicured lawns?

This could be your first clue as to what you might find in that store.

The majority of thrift stores are dependent upon donations from the communities surrounding their store.  Is the community older?  Is it run down or does it look well maintained?  Thrift stores in older communities might be full of true antiques… or full of well-used items of very little value.  Thrift stores near upscale communities might offer newer treasures mixed in with those antiques.

Thrift stores located near big cities may contain more trendy merchandise.  Small town thrift stores may contain more antique items that have been sitting in someone’s home for decades.

Listen… Do your research

You go online to look for everything from restaurants to auto mechanics… why not thrift stores! is a great resource for locating thrift stores in your area or beyond.  The website not only includes links to thrift stores sorted by zip code but customer forums and discussions as well.  Take this opportunity to get involved in the larger thrift community.

Please share

Thrift shoppers are not afraid to share their opinions and especially their finds and favorite shops on Facebook, YouTube and other social networks.  And when you do come up with that treasured item, please share! We’d love to see how you repurposed that plaid skirt or refinished that oak desk!

We love it!

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