Consider Your Closet

Oh… your poor closet!embarrassing!

Is it full?  Are you adding new clothing that will hang squished between the jacket you had to have 3 years ago but haven’t worn in 2 and the pants that you purchased last year that still need to be shortened?

Closets of all shapes and sizes are screaming… Help Me!  Help Me Please!  I can’t breathe!

Cleaning out your closet can be a traumatizing experience.  You are bound to come across items that fit last year but not so much anymore (we all have those!) Or items that you purchased months ago but have not worn yet – waiting for the perfect occasion. Or items that bring back wonderful memories of people, parties and places.

Or items that you must have loved at one point… but what were you thinking?!

January is a great month to tackle the task of cleaning your closet!  Start the year with a fresh outlook and a little room for this years new purchases.

Start on the right hand side of the closet and evaluate each item… item by item following these few guidelines:

Did I wear this in the past year?  If not, it goes in the donate pile.

Did this item fit me the last time I wore it?  Will it fit today?  Try it on… if it doesn’t fit it goes in the donate pile.

What did I like about this item when I purchased it?  Don’t remember? Donate!

This blouse has a stain that didn’t come out in the wash. Believe it or not… donate!  Items with stains or tears, buttons missing or washed beyond recognition that we can’t sell in our stores are sold for pennies on the pound to people who responsibly recycle clothing and soft goods. Our charities will still benefit from that blouse with the stain and the pants with the broken zipper.  So don’t trash them… Donate!

And then tackle your belts, shoes and purses (well, maybe not your purses!)  If you haven’t worn them in the past year or if they seem too worn to wear… Donate!

Men… we’re talking to you, too! We realize you wear your clothing into the ground but we’d love to have those items that you don’t wear anymore. Have you changed careers? No longer need a different suit every day or that gaggle of ties in your closet?  We are always grateful to receive men’s clothing donations.

Take a look at the Donate page of our website for more guidelines and suggestions!

If you don’t wear it… donate it! Your unused clothing items will be given a second life and help to support a variety of charities doing wonderful work to help families and children in crisis in our area.

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