Chore Wars: A Spring Cleaning Challenge!


It’s that time again… time for the dreaded Spring Cleaning Weekend!  On an average weekend, maybe your kids are whining… “I have nothing to do!”  “I’m bored!”the white glove dust test

But mention spring cleaning and it’s amazing how many activities they can find for themselves!

This year, why not turn Spring Cleaning into a Field Day-type challenge!

Let the games begin: Start by choosing team names and colors! Each team or individual will need a team name and color of course… brainstorm with each for the name and color that fits their personality.

Set an attainable goal for the day whether that be for each child to clean their own room or for the whole family to clean the common living spaces – or both! Determine prizes so the kids know what they are playing for…maybe a favorite meal, trip to a favorite playground or attraction or their choice of game for family game night or movie for family movie night! Have enough prizes so that everyone wins!

Next, plan some cleaning/organizing activities and turn them into a challenge of epic proportions… here are our suggestions:

  • Supportive: Set up a spot in each area for placing items for donation…. Which family member’s pile is largest? Which includes the most variety? Which includes the most treasured items?
  • Organizational: Who can sort and organize their own stuff in the shortest amount of time. Encourage everyone to touch it once and make a decision.  Invest in some large baskets, decorative boxes, or under the bed containers. Have each family member sort their own collection of whatever they collect whether that be books, crafts, matchbox cars, stuffed animals… only keeping out the items that they use often or really enjoy seeing.  Everything else can either be stored in a container or added to the donate pile.
  • Athletic: Dust Bunny Races – What better way to shine a floor than letting the kids in slide up and down the hallway in white socks! Dust Bunny Roundup –  Who can find the most dust bunnies under their bed?
  • Exploration: Turn your kitchen cabinets or pantry into an archaeological dig or CSI-style investigation… who can find the most expired items in your panty?  Organize items by least enjoyed (canned peas maybe?) to most loved (chocolate pudding?) Challenge them to create a dinner menu with what they find.
  • Creativity: Challenge each member of the family to find something in their room or area that they haven’t seen for a really long time while sorting and organizing their piles of stuff. Have each family member create a story about the item… where has it been?  What adventures has it experienced?
  • For the Fashionista: Organize a Fashion Show! Have each family member try on the clothing in their closet that they haven’t worn in the past 3 months… does it fit?  Can it be handed down to a younger sibling or little cousin?  If not, add it to the donate pile!

And… nothing worse than cleaning in silence! Play music that’s upbeat… and loud! Get them moving, get them dancing, get them singing along.  Everything is more fun with music!  Give each child a chance to play his/her favorite. Or have each play their favorite in their own room – loudly!  How often do they get to do that?

Most importantly… Have fun! 

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  1. Bea says:

    These were fantastic Spring Cleaning suggestions and I don’t know why anyone didn’t think of these before. Just great !

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