From Reading, ‘Riting, ‘Rithmetic to…Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling

Springfield Township Middle School Stars Shine Their Light
on the Impact LIVE Program.  

Dressed in their vibrant, red “STAR” T-shirts, 7th grade student leaders from Springfield Township Middle School cheerfully filed into the Montgomeryville Impact Thrift Store bright and early on a Tuesday morning. The STAR leaders (which is an acronym that stands for Springfield Middle School students learn about recyclingStudents Accepting Responsibility) visited the store as a part of their Impact LIVE Student Leadership experience. The Impact LIVE program was specifically designed by Impact Thrift Stores, to promote community service, leadership and entrepreneurship to Elementary, Middle, and High School students; whereby the students partner with Impact Thrift Stores to host an in-school collection drive event to ultimately benefit families and children in need.

Tamika Miller and Jo Greenawalt introduce Impact Thrift to Springfield Middle School studentsEach school that participates in the Impact LIVE program has an opportunity to visit one of three Impact Thrift Store locations, where they receive an orientation from members of the Marketing team, a grand tour of the store, donations processing department, and metal recycling, as well as take part in a service project.

The field trip is a vital component of the Impact LIVE program because Impact Thrift feels that the first step in teaching children about donating, reducing waste, and recycling is to explain to them why they should donate and recycle.  What is most important is that the children get a sense that the earth is their home, and therefore it deserves their care and respect. Donating and recycling to help others in need teaches students that there is a strong interconnectedness between each other, their community, and the environment, and that their daily actions can affect the earth in either a positive or negative way.

The Marketing Team customized Springfield’s field trip to focus specifically on the three R’s: Reducing, Reusing and RecyclingGeorge Sturgis demonstrates creating jewelry with silverwareAs each student was led through the store they were able to identify the types of items to inspire their friends, school mates, families and neighbors to donate and recycle. They were also challenged to think of creative ways to use some of the more popularly donated items; perhaps re-designing a dress into a charming apron… transforming an entertainment center into an armoire… …turning an old television into a fish tank…creating retro hip spiral notebooks by recovering them with funky 70’s album covers.

The theme of the day was to re-imagine and think outside of the box. A repurposing demonstration was led by Impact Thrift’s Feasterville assistant store manager, George Sturges. George showed the students how to transform silverware into rings, bracelets, key chains, and even beautiful wind chimes. Once the students started thinking outside of the box they realized that the possibilities were endless.

students create projects from books and paperThe students concluded the morning by creating their very own repurposed craft projects from donated items found within the store. By doing this, Impact Thrift was able to share with the students a few fun recycling projects, and as a result they were inspired to reduce their ecological footprint, that is, their impact on the environment.


For more information about the Impact LIVE program, click here!

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