January: 5 Weeks of Opportunity

January calendar photo by Jill TarabarThere are 5 weeks in January 2013… 5 weeks of cold, sometimes snowy weather… 5 weeks of being stuck indoors with nothing to do…

We like to think of January as…

5 weeks of Opportunity! 5 weeks to tackle 5 projects! A makeover of mind and matter.

sit down with a cup of hot chocolate and relaxWeek 1… Give yourself a break!

So you didn’t accomplish all that you hoped to in 2012.  So what! Put all of that behind you and keep your thoughts in the present tense. Easier said than done of course but definitely worth a try. Focus on what you do well and enjoy, and practice positive self talk… Replace “I can’t…” with “ I CAN!” and let your positive energy flow! This will take some work, it’s not something that will happen over night – or even in one week. But, seriously, if you start now, you’ll be amazed at how much better you will feel before too long.

Now… Take a deep breath, pour yourself a cup of tea or hot chocolate and set your organizing goals! January is after all, National Get Organized Month.  Begin by making a list on paper.  Be realistic, manageable…  but inclusive. Pick 4 of those goals – or adopt ours – and assign one to each a week.

Week 2… Your Foyer, Vestibule or Point of Entry.

Do you walk into your home to a mess of clutter? Shoes, backpacks, work bags, gym bags? Items piled on the stairs waiting patiently to be carried upstairs? Walking into a disaster area every time you enter your home is not at all relaxing! Think outside the box… or if you have room add boxes, shelving or cubbies so that each family member will have a place to store their belongings. Make your entryway inviting… it sets the tone for your home, and you!

Week 3… Your Bedroom. 

organized closetTake a look in your closet… What fits? What doesn’t? What have you not worn for a year… or more? Is it an item you were talked into buying? An item that reminds you of a different time in your life? An item that you hope will fit after your next effort to lose weight? Are those skinny pants or skirt the source of unnecessary stress? Now’s your chance to break free and purge those items from your closet!  If it doesn’t fit or you haven’t worn it for at least a year, why keep it around? Consider how your closet feels… stuffed to the gills!

Impact Thrift now accepts soft goods in ANY condition! Those donated items such as clothing, bed sheets, towels that are in bad shape are now responsibly recycled… keeping these items out of landfills and funding charities at the same time!

Once you’re happier with your closet, take a look around your bedroom. Do you have books piled up that you’ve already read? Other items that are gathering dust? Hold on to the family heirlooms and box up the rest for donation. Someone will enjoy reading that book or looking at that wonderful treasure… Donate those new, gently-used, un-needed or stress inducing items and clothing to help others who will put them to good use!

so much paperWeek 4… Your Stacks of Paper.

If you’re like me, you print EVERYTHING! Recipes, craft ideas and patterns, e-mails, driving directions, contact info, and more! Go through all of your paper and decide what you absolutely neeeeeeeed to keep, what can be recycled and what should be shredded (be sure to shred anything with personal info especially your Social Security or credit card numbers!) Locate a few empty binders (we usually have an abundant supply available at Impact Thrift!), a box of sheet protectors or a 3 hole punch, a label for the binder spine and you’re ready to get started. A notebook (or 2) for recipes, one for contact info, another for craft project inspirations and you’ve developed a system to organize your paper and stay organized!

a semi organize kitchen cabinetWeek 5… Your Kitchen.  

The things you use often are front and center but… do you ever look in the back of your kitchen cabinets? In the dark recesses where unused baking dishes go to hide? Clean out those cabinets and free your serving bowls! Perhaps you’ll find something hiding that will come in handy at your next family party or something that you don’t even recognize (where in the world did that come from?) If you haven’t used those items since you (or some mystery person) placed them in your cabinet… consider donating them as well.

Enjoy your accomplishment as you cross one item off your list after another!

Clearing clutter, clears your mind!


7 Responses to January: 5 Weeks of Opportunity

  1. Dee Foisy says:

    Thank you so very much, I was planning to do this and by you putting it in a organised way really help me. thank you so much

  2. Jennifer Taylor says:

    This information was so great! Thank you for helping me get organized and thank you to all the staff of your Impact Stores…they have helped me many times. i love your stores!!!

  3. Lorrie Holm says:

    As a professional organizer, I often advised my clients to think of January as a time to purge their old technology clutter — computer towers, laptops, cables, cell phones, printers and other hardware they were no longer using. Recycling electrical “has beens” makes sense and feels great. Donate them to your local Impact Thrift!

    • Thanks Lorrie, we’ve recently been able to expand our recycling program to include TVs! So now folks can drop off TVs of any age or condition and we will responsibly recycle them at no charge.

  4. Debbie says:

    I love it will use this and clean out

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