Turning Pages (one at a time… but as fast as possible!) – An Intern’s Experience

Alicia Stewart, PSU Student, Impact Thrift Store Intern. “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

As I sat at my desk pondering my future, these words as spoken by St. Augustine flowed like a stream through my mind. I watched the clock, anxiously awaiting class to be dismissed.

On my drive home from class, I began thinking about my past travels. Not just in a physical sense, but rather different experiences I have had throughout my life. As a senior in college, I came to the realization that it was time to embark on a new path of travel; I became fixated on the thought of getting an internship.

It seemed rather instantaneous that I was hired as an intern for Impact Thrift Stores. I was overwhelmed with excitement when Frank Hartwell (Education Program Director) said that he wanted to extend an offer to me to intern for the organization. It was truly a blessing to know that I was going to be a part of such a wonderful organization. I grew eager to impart my knowledge about marketing and management to the organization.

January 8, 2013 marked the beginning of my “newly traveled path,” and in the matter of two weeks, I would be “reading several pages of the book.” Rather than limiting myself to one experience, I would soon be exposed to a multitude of them. There was far more in store for me than I could have ever imagined!

Today marks the sixth week of my internship and I have already been exposed to many new and exciting things. My experience at Impact thus far has truly been transformational, and filled with tremendous positivity. I would like to share some of the many experiences of my “travels.”

My first few weeks at Impact began at the Hatboro location. I must admit that I felt quite timid the first few weeks – not knowing anyone or what to expect didn’t help my case any. Such feelings were quickly put to rest, after being welcomed with open arms. I was blown away by how hospitable everyone was and I quickly fit right in with the crowd.

Cruise Wear Display in Impact Thrift Store  Hatboro created by PSU intern Alicia StewartThe most memorable experience that I had at Hatboro was when I was assigned a project in which I was to create a display in the store, of cruise-wear. To be completely honest I had no idea where there project was going to lead me, but I was very eager to find out. After well- thought- out plans, I completed my cruise-wear display. I decorated the display with items and clothing that were bright and symbolic of warm weather. It was truly an honor to be given such a project and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

As the weeks have passed, I have continued on with my internship at the Donation Processing Center (DPC) which has been equally rewarding as my time spent at Hatboro. Working with Jo Greenawalt (Director in Business Development) and a few others has been an unforgettable experience. Regardless of the task that I am asked to complete I feel as though I am being challenged on a daily basis as well as furthering my knowledge for the future.

Aside from traveling a new path of knowledge and experiences, I have also been traveling a new path in terms of my faith. Working with Impact has been such an incredible experience and has truly inspired me to become more devout in my faith. Impact is a wonderful organization to work for, and I am blessed to be doing the work that I am doing. In the words of Pat Conroy (New York Times bestselling author) “Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey.” As I continue on my internship journey, I hope that from this day forward, I will be just as blessed as I have been every other day.

~by Alicia Stewart

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