Impact Thrift Founder Paul Baur to Launch New Venture

Gray Wirth, Impact Thrift Stores President and CEO congratulates Paul Baur and thanks him for all of his years of service as founder of Impact Thrift Stores

Paul Baur and Gray Wirth

Paul Baur, co-founder and leader of Impact Thrift Stores since its inception in 2001, has decided to leave the non-profit to help those in need of raising funds for their own charitable pursuits.

Paul’s new business venture, Sunrise Recycling and Consignment, LLC, will partner with local organizations such as school groups, church groups, and sports teams to conduct donation collection drives of clothing, shoes, electronics, books, DVD’s, CD’s  and costume jewelry as an alternative to the old ways of raising money—bake sales, candy sales, and car washes. Though Sunrise will be working closely with Impact Thrift Stores, the running of the thrift store chain will be in the hands of CEO, Gray Wirth and the Impact Thrift leadership team.

Impact Thrift Stores opens its 4th store with a ribbon cutting ceremony in Feasterville Pennsylvania“Impact Thrift is poised to take a significant step forward in the years to come,” Paul said.  “Over the past thirteen years we have focused our mission on helping those less fortunate, and I am proud to say we have accomplished this in a variety of ways, including contributing more than $1.8 million to local charities.”

Paul Baur organizes donations at a spring collection drive for Impact Thrift Stores


In 2001, Baur founded Impact Thrift to help support local charities, opening the first store in Hatboro, PA. What made this operation unique was money generated from the thrift store and recycling operations actually went to support various local charities. That idea eventually grew into four stores and a donation processing center, helping shoppers and people in need of employment as well as those whose lives benefitted from its charitable donations.  Now, with Sunrise Recycling and Consignment working alongside Impact Thrift, it is Paul’s goal to help other organizations raise the money they need. According to Paul, Sunrise Recycling’s role will be to help these organizations with marketing, training and logistics for conducting a successful donation drive.

Paul Baur speaks to a group of volunteers from Merck at Impact Thrift Stores MontgomeryvilleMeanwhile, Impact Thrift will benefit from Sunrise’s efforts through receiving additional inventory for its area stores. Gray Wirth, CEO of Impact Thrift, added: “Paul Baur has overseen dramatic growth at Impact Thrift over the past thirteen years and has done an extraordinary job leading the organization.  I’m confident in Paul’s new venture as well as Impact Thrift’s future.  Together we’ll be able to have an even bigger positive effect on our community.”

Paul added that, “It has been an honor and a privilege to lead Impact Thrift over the past thirteen years. To work with a top-notch staff totally dedicated to the Impact Thrift mission, donors who make us stewards of their gently-used merchandise, and the charities who have benefitted is a humbling and gratifying experience. But, at the end of the day, it’s all about the individuals whose lives we touch.  I look forward to touching even more lives through this new venture.”

Impact Thrift Stores is a 501(c)(3) organization that re-purposes donated gently-used furniture, clothing and household items donors no longer need and puts them back into service, benefiting the community. Impact’s financial support of local non-profits enables their staffs to spend more time doing what they do best—feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, and supporting children and families in need. Impact Thrift has four area stores: Feasterville, Hatboro, Montgomeryville and Norristown.  For more information, please contact Impact Thrift Stores at 267-387-0300 x5111 or

Sunrise Recycling and Consignment, LLC helps organizations raise the funds they need through setting up successful collection drives.  School, church, sports and other groups earn money by collecting clothes, shoes, electronics, books, DVD’s, CD’s  and jewelry.  For more information, please contact Sunrise Recycling and Consignment, LLC at

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  1. JB says:

    If Impact has been in operation for 13 years, with increasing muliple store locations for at least half of their years in operation, 1.8 million dollars averages to only about $138,000 at year to the charitable organizations they help support. Are you sure this figure is correct?

    • Yes, you are correct. Our financial contributions to these locally-based non-profits does average over the course of 13 years. But again, we started out with one store, minimally supporting 3 charities. Over the last 13 years, we have increased the numbers of charities and levels of financial support. In addition, we have increased the number of jobs available to today’s workforce of over 225 (and growing) between our 4 stores and donation processing center. We have also been able to increase our recycling exponentially.

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