Looking for a Good Book?


A girl reads a paper book purchased at Impact Thrift Stores Montgomeryville Norristown Feasterville or Hatboro storesWhat is a Good Book?

To some a good book is a young adult novel, preferably about fallen angels or the supernatural. To others a good book is a romance novel or historical fiction. Others like to read non-fiction war stories, about religion or self-help books.

Imagine a college student who needs a specific text book…

for a specific class…

at a specific school…

RIGHT NOW! (you know how they can be!)

What are the chances of that specific text book being on a shelf in the specific Impact Thrift Store that the student is shopping at that specific moment?

Slim to none!

But what are the odds of that college student surfing the web looking for that specific textbook?


Amazon.com logo with impact dotsIntroducing ITS Goods Online, Impact Thrift Stores shop on Amazon.com!

ITS Goods Online brings Impact Thrift Stores mission to the world stage. It opens our audience to include anyone anywhere who has access to a computer and is looking for a good book.

How do we decide which books can be sold in our stores… which can be sold online… and which should be recycled?

The Media Department Crew at our Donation Processing Center examines all donations that have to do with books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, video games, cassettes and VHS tapes.   With so many categories one would think it would be a large department, but it is small with only 7 employees and occasional volunteers.

Books are the largest part of this department, but… we only allow good books to be processed through.  This then begs the question… What is a ‘good’ book?

donated book with bent edge that will be recycled not sold at Impact Thrift StoreTo us, a good book has nothing to do with what type of book it is.  We look at the quality of the book.  We ask the following questions:  Is the binding cracked?  Are the pages creased?  Is there writing in the book?  Did someone (a pet or child) try to eat it? If so, we recycle the book.

Then we decide, based on the type of book, whether to sell it online or in our stores. Only about 8% are sold online.

Vintage books are processed and sold in our stores in almost any condition.One category that the quality control does not really apply to are Vintage Books.  We look at the publication date and if it is before 1959 we consider it a vintage book.  The only vintage books that we reject for sale and recycle are those that are moldy. Some of the older vintage books may end up in our Silent Auction but most end up on the shelves in our Book Department.

Online books are packed and shipped, then listed in our Amazon Bookstore.  When you search for a specific book online, you may see some listed as new, others listed as used in various conditions. Our books mostly fall in the used category. This store on Amazon.com gives us the opportunity to put back into service more of your donations and helps to spread the word about the charities we support and the work we do.

Thank you for your book donations and purchases… whether in person or online! Keep them coming! You, and now the world community,  help us fulfill our mission of financially supporting locally-based charities!

~Lynda Wayne

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