From Thrift Store Find to Fabulous!

Another in a continuing series by Denise Sabia of The Painted Home!
This is how I found this piece.
I knew right away I loved the lines of it.
And the construction was great!
I found this dresser with great lines and in perfect shape
the first thing I did was wipe the entire piece down with a cleaner.
I usually use Simple Green, but was out of that today.
Once I cleaned it I removed all the drawers.
removed the hardware from the drawers…
and set them aside.
I had a plan that involved different color drawers for this dresser.
I first mixed my Miss Mustard Seed milk Paint.
I like to mix in small batched so I don’t waster any.
I started with 1/3 cup of linen.
I add the powder TO the water a little bit at a time and pounce with the frother between additions.
I let the mix sit for a minute or 2 to settle.
I also added the bonder to the linen mixture so I would have a smooth finish with no chippys.
Before I started painting I rubbed the was puck on
some high edges around the body of the dresser.
This will help the linen color “lift” when I rub over it with sand paper after it drys.
I wanted a few spots of the original wood to show through when I’m finished.
The linen color won’t stick where ever I rub the wax puck.
I stared adding the linen color to the body of the dresser.
The MMS brushes really help you get into all the little nooks and crannys.
It took 3 coats to get the white coverage I was looking for.
I painted the drawers.
I choose MMS Curio for the drawers.
I added a little more water to my mixture so I
would have something between a paint and a stain.
I only used one coat of the Curio on the drawer fronts.

I added MMS Furniture Wax after all the paint had dried.


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