Back to School “Selfie” Shopping

Back to school fashions for actual high school students at Impact Thrift Store Feasterville

There are always some kids who show up the first week of school “dressed to the 9’s”. These kids (and their parents) study the trends and shop the boutiques. They don’t seem to mind spending a small fortune on the most up-to-date, back to school looks.

Other, dare we say… smarter kids, wait a bit before shopping back to school… they start the school year and wait to see what others are wearing, what looks good and what is accepted. Then, rather than the high priced stores, the really smart ones put together those stylish looks with thrift store finds!

Back to school fashions Thrift Store findsThrift shopping is a great way to reproduce today’s fashion trends without paying designer prices.

If you search the internet and fashion magazines, some of the Back-to-School fashion trends this year are really surprising. Seems like back to school fashion trends are all over the place this year!

Plaid, plaid and more plaid… 90’s grunge… kitchy prints… boyfriend jeans… Chelsea girl MOD… country/mountain/outdoors rugged… Buddy Holly style blazers and jeans… over-sized denim coveralls… pastels and florals for fall… feminine… skater… color blocking…

shopping for back to school outfits at impact thrift store in Feasterville paEven high-waisted MOM JEANS!

That is if you believe the so-called fashion “experts”!
We took that question to the REAL experts… middle and high school students who have very definite opinions of what is cool to wear to school this year!

Set loose at our Feasterville store with a shopping cart and camera, they had quite the “selfie” adventure!  Check it out:



Thank you to all of the young ladies and gentlemen who shopped, posed and snapped on one of their last free summer days!

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