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Donor Appreciation Days welcome donors at each of our 4 stores including Impact Thrift Store in NorristownImpact Thrift has a crush and we want to shout it from the rooftops….

We LOVE our Donors!

Although we appreciate our donors all year round, we really felt the love during our Donor Appreciation Days.  Between January 10th and February 7th, over 2,000 donors brought their donated items to Impact Thrift Stores and as a thank you were entered into a raffle for a range of prizes.  Prizes included everything from an overnight stay at the Joseph Ambler Inn to a free message at Trinity Haven to a year-long membership at the Elmwood Park Zoo.  Thank you to everyone that participated!

For these lucky winners, Valentine’s Day just got a bit sweeter…

Feasterville Winners

Family Funtastic Package to Brunswick Zone XL… Tina Goll

$25 Gift Certificate to Suburban Restaurant and Diner… Laura Murray

4 free passes to Monster Mini Golf… A Blackmon

$25 Gift Certificate to The Buck Hotel… Bill Rueter

Dinner for 2 to Texas Roadhouse… Pat Schmidt

$25 Gift Certificate to Yum Yum Bake Shops… Walter Brennan

$25 Gift Certificate to Staples… Ken Stevens

$25 Gift Certificate to Olive Garden… Susan Morrison

$25 Gift Certificate to Steam Pub… Kevin Puls

$25 Gift Certificate to E’s Irish Pub… Catherine Wueusew

Montgomeryville Winners

Overnight Stay at the cozy Joseph Ambler Inn… Sally Schlotter

$100 Gift Certificate to Wegmans… Shawn Gerhart

Dinner for 2 to Texas Roadhouse… Julie Moore

$25 Gift Certificate to Village Tavern… Carol Wineman

$25 Gift Certificate to Harvest Seasonal Grill and Wine Bar… Christina Sacco

$25 Gift Certificate to Ruby Tuesday… Chris Watabe

$25 Gift Certificate to Applebee’s… Carla Koshy

$25 Gift Certificate to Sweet Briar Café… Kim Hill

Hatboro Winners

8 free passes to Speed Raceway… Dee Hale

$25 Gift Certificate to Café La Fontana… Kathleen Hagstrom

$25 Gift Certificate to Nonno’s Bakery… Patreca M.

$25 Gift Certificate to La Morena… Sheldon Harad

$25 Gift Certificate to Olive Garden… James P Dipitro

A Free Joe’s Pizza and  $15 Gift Certificate to Parkside Café… Francine Gordon

$35 Gift Certificate to Acme Markets… Joan Przywitowsk

Norristown Winners

1- year family membership to Elmwood Park Zoo… Paul G.

4 tickets to Theatre Horizon… Margot Matkowski

1 hour massage at Trinity Massage Haven… Gary Hopper

$50 Gift Certificate and free dessert at Uncle Julio’s… James O’Connell

1 month membership to LA Fitness… Laura Allen

4 Free Passes to BounceTown… Mariel Ho

Congratulations to all!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’ve compiled a list of what makes an Impact Thrift Donor the perfect Valentine:

You’re generous… You give the shirt off your back to help someone in need (literally)
You’re committed…. Donors frequently brave below-freezing temperatures just to get to your local Impact Thrift
You’re open-minded... You know that if you can’t use something, there’s a DIYer just waiting to put their touch on it.
You’re eco-friendly… Don’t expect to find your things filling up landfills!

Impact Thrift partnered with a number of local, community-minded businesses who greeted us with overwhelming support and generosity. Please help us thank these local businesses by supporting them with your business and congratulate the winners!



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