Create a (temporary) New Family Member!

Days are getting chilly and the leaves are starting to change color…
Fall is in the air!

Create a new family member with gently-used clothing purchased at Impact thrift Store and these detailed instruction. Great family, youth group or scout diy project.Nothing says Fall like a friendly scarecrow welcoming your guestsor scaring away crows! This is a great family-friendly project or project for a fall birthday party, scout troop or youth group. At Impact Thrift, we’ve created a kit to get you started (available in our stores while supplies last)… or gather items you have at home!

For each scarecrow, you will need:
• 1 Long Sleeve Shirt, 1 pair of Pants, 1 belt or necktie, and 1 pair of pantyhose
• Straw – available at garden centers or craft stores.
• Twine, string or rubber bands
• Scissors
• Craft glue
• (optional) Hat, scarf, gloves, felt, buttons, ribbon, yarn, etc. to decorate your new friend and give him (or her) some personality!

Stuff straw in the pantyhose to create the arms and head of your scarecrow before adding used clothing purchased at Impact Thrift Stores. Now, let’s get started!

First, stuff the legs of pantyhose with straw to create the scarecrow’s arms. Measure your stuffed arms against the shirt sleeves as you stuff. Panty hose will stretch into gorilla arms very quickly!

Add straw to your scarecrow to give her shape and substance inside her gently-used clothing purchased at Impact thrift stores.Next, stuff waist/crotch area of pantyhose. This will become the scarecrow’s head. Tie a rubber band or twine around the top of the head to hold the straw in place.

Once your pantyhose is stuffed, lace scarecrow’s arms inside shirt arms. Stuff the shirt with more straw and button it up. Tie a piece of twine or rubber band around the bottom of each shirt sleeve allowing some arm to stick out. You may want to add gloves or some extra straw sticking out of the sleeve. Now, set the torso aside.

Then stuff each leg of the pants and tie at the bottom of each with a  rubber band or piece of string or twine. Again, straw can stick out of the bottom.

Cut slits through both layers of shirt/pants and thread a belt or tie through to attach the top and bottom of your scarecrow created with used clothing purchased at Impact Thrift Stores.(Important step) Cut 2 or more small slits in the front and 2 small slits in back of both the shirt and pants at the waist band area and use some twine,  the belt or necktie to tie the two piece together. Thread some twine, the belt or tie through the holes in both the shirt and pants around the waist and tie or buckle firmly to keep him/her together.

Cut eyes and patches from the felt to embellish your scarecrow. Sew or glue on buttons for eyes and yarn for hair. Have fun creating your scarecrow’s personality!

Name your scarecrow and welcome him or her to the family!

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Click here for a printable version of this diy!

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