Day to Night… with one dress!


Your alarm goes off in the morning. You’re up, you’ve showered, ready to put on that power suit for today’s board meeting when you remember (the caffeine hasn’t fully kicked in yet) – It’s GNO… aka Girls Night Out. With back to back meetings and a packed schedule – there’s no time to run home and change your look.

So what do you do? Get creative!

This combo from Impact Thrift is actually made of separates, pieced together for a polished look that transitions perfectly from day to night.

Day to Night look Styled by Jonny Hrab with Impact thrift fashion finds from the new Impact Thrift Bristol Fashion Outlet.The best part? The entire outfit costs less than $60.00.

Day: A black blazer ($12) over this gutsy shift dress ($12) paired with a simple black tank top underneath make this the perfect outfit for the office. Add a multi-strand necklace ($10), black belt ($3.99), and ankle-high boots ($19) and you’re ready to tackle even the most challenging critic of the board.

Night: Ditch the sweater and tank top but keep those boots on for what’s sure to be a night full of dancing and fun with the girls. Add a little more spice with a thick white belt($2.99) right at the waist and you’re ready to go!

All of the items pictured were found at our Bristol Fashion OUTLET! The looks were pulled together by stylist, Jonny Hrab and our friends at J2 Communications.

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