7 Reasons to Shop Thrift for Mother’s Day


Surprise! Surprise! Mother’s Day is right around the corner!

Mother's Day falls on Sunday, May 8, 2016 and what better way to honor Mom than by shopping Impact Thrift Stores this year.Well, it shouldn’t be a surprise… Mother’s Day comes around every year on the second Sunday in May and every year, finding that perfect gift for mom can be a real challenge!

If your mom is like mine, she needs NOTHING… with a capital N!

Shopping Thrift for Mom can offer some solutions to this yearly challenge. We’ve put together a short David Letterman-style list of reasons to shop thrift for Mom:

#7. Does Mom collect some obscure figurine series? Does she have a watermelon theme kitchen or collect sheep things? Walking through the Bric-a-Brac section of Impact Thrift can offer a wide variety of  random items that might just fit in with her theme or collection!

#6. Is Mom an antiques lover? On any given day you might find lovely antique furniture, jewelry, or vintage handbags, shoes and clothing at our stores…. something Mom hasn’t seen in years!

#5. Does Mom appreciate clothing with name brand or upscale labels… but those retail prices just don’t fit your budget?  Check out the Impact Thrift Boutique, clothing and handbag departments! There you might find brands such as Coach, Ann Taylor, Michael Kors, Burberry,  Zac Posen… or maybe even Armani  or Dolce & Gabbana, all at a fraction of their retail price

#4. Mom’s not into gently used items? We also carry a selection of Brand New clothing, accessories and furniture at Impact Thrift Stores! You may also come across donated items that still have their original sales tags proving they’ve never been worn.

#3. Introduce Mom to the thrill of shopping thrift! Gift cards always make a great gift and they are available at any of our stores.

#2. Mom will appreciate your frugality! Shopping thrift is a great way to show Mom that she taught you well and you value her wisdom!

And the #1 reason to shop thrift for Mom… Shop with Mom! Spend some quality time with Mom browsing Impact Thrift and bring back memories as you find items from your childhood, or Mom’s! Shopping Thrift is truly a Treasure Hunt to be Shared! 

Shop in the morning than take Mom out to lunch… give Mom the gift of time together!

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