ooohhhh spooky halloween costume A bowler hat, plaid blazer, striped pants, a pencil skirt, white blouse, little string bow tie, hip hop jeans or a plaid flannel shirt… Some glitter, costume jewelry or pages from a book…

These are the beginnings… or the bones if you will… of a great Thrifted Halloween Costume! Halloween costumes can be spooky or they can be fun… Looking for inspiration? Why not shop Impact Thrift this year for a one-of-a-kind, DIY Halloween costume?!

We’d love to see what you come up with and will reward your creativity with gift cards to our stores!

How? Create a DIY costume with items you find in one or more of our stores. Post a photo of your costume on our Facebook page and tell us about your thrift store inspirations by midnight Monday, October 31 using the hashtag #ImpactThriftDoesHalloween.

On Tuesday, November 1, we will gather a group of impartial judges (aka Impact Thrift employees) to choose 3 winners…. 1st place wins a $50 gift card, 2nd place wins a $25 gift card and 3rd place wins a $15 gift card. The winners will be announced in our November e-newsletter on Wednesday November 2 and on our Facebook page that day!

Need a little more inspiration? Click here to get inspired by our DIY Halloween Pinterest board with some great ideas for costumes and decorations… and check out some of the costumes shared with us in the past…

thrifted halloween costume inspired by the birdsdorothy and toto halloween costume built from items found at impact thrift stores
flintstones halloween costume inspired by impact thrift store finds#ImpactThriftDoesHalloween


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