RePurpose a Book for Mom!


DIY Mom's favorite book into a lovely planter for Mother's Day using this free tutorial from Impact Thrift Stores located in Feasterville, Montgomeryville and Norristown PADoes mom have a favorite book or book series? Bring her favorite book to life by turning it into a lovely planter as a Mother’s Day gift! She will know you are thinking of her and appreciate the effort… and the lovely plant!

One suggestion though. First find a duplicate of her favorite book at Impact Thrift Stores rather than using her actual favorite copy of the book, just in case she enjoys reading it again and again!

Let’s get started! Gather these supplies: 

• 1 hard cover book
• Exacto knife or utility blade
• craft glue
• small stones/pebbles
• plastic grocery bag
• potting soil & a small plant


Cut a shape out of the top cover of your hard cover book to begin the project of turning a book into a planter for mother's day gift

Photo #1

1) Measure the cover of the book and draw a square (or any shape) in the center of the cover leaving at least 1 inch around all edges.

Once shape is cut all the way down to the back cover, you're ready to proceed with turning a book into a fabulous Mother's Day Gift

Photo #2

2) Using our utility knife, carefully slice through the front cover along the lines or your square. Continue to cut that shape from the pages until you reach the back cover of the book. Do not cut through the back cover. Clean out any shreds of paper and smooth the edges of hole you have created. (Photo #1 & #2)

3) Using your fingers, generously pour craft glue into the hole you have cut, smearing it up the side walls. (Photo #3) Once the walls are covered, place a heavy object such as a stapler on the open edge of the book to press the pages together.

press a plastic grocery bag into the space while the glue is still wet to seal the inside of the planter

Photo #4

Smear white glue with your hands to fill the space and glue the pages together as we turn a book into a Mother's Day gift

Photo #3

4) While the glue is still wet, use your hand to press the plastic bag into the space you’ve created. Push the bag into the corners and up the sides of the shape. Cut excess bag using a scissor or your utility blade. Allow the glue to dry overnight. (Photo #4) Once dry, glue a line of small stones or pebbles around the edge to cover the top cut edge of the book and plastic bag. Allow glued stones to dry. (Photo #5)

Glue rocks around the top edge to hide the cut edge of your book and plastic bag

Photo #5

5) Once these rocks are securely in place, fill the bottom half inch of the open space with small pebbles and fill the rest with potting soil.

Plant your houseplant and present to Mom as a gift from your heart!

Click here for a printable pdf version!

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