Mother’s Day Gifts… We’ve Got That!


~by Jill Tarabar

If you’re like me, you are still looking for that perfect Mother’s Day gift for the mom who needs NOTHING!

Mother's Day Gift Guide in Parade MagazineGift guides are everywhere. The one that caught my eye was published in Parade Magazine, distributed through our Sunday newspaper on April 28, 2013… And, yes, we still read a paper newspaper!

Pictured are a variety of items that mom might love… A novel that tells the story of the discovery of a specific flower… beach-y colored glass bottles and vasesa wrap bracelet for the hip, artsy, boho mom… a woven handbag for the activist mom who encourages empowering women at home and in developing countries… a cookbook… items for the fashionista mom… and more.

Now let’s look at Mother’s Day gift giving from an Impact Thrift perspective!

Various books from Neil Simon lyrics to murder mystery novels can be found at any Impact Thrift Store location

For the Book Worm Mom: Is mom an avid reader? Is she a cook or a musician? Does she enjoy crafts, fiction or self-help books?  Each of our stores has a very extensive Book Department where you’ll find all of these types of books… often brand new or in very gently-used condition. The shelves of our book departments are organized by genre to make shopping easier and we are always on hand to help you find something specific.

create a basket of gardening ideas for a Mother's Day giftFor the Gardening Mom: Is mom a gardener? Or a gardener-want-to-be? Between our Book Department and Bric-a-Brac Department, you might put together a fun basket of gardening goodies for Mom! Be creative…. think outside the flower pot. Start with a great basket and be open to what you might find on our shelves. Add a book, some gardening tools, maybe a silk plant if mom’s thumb is less than green!

Sustained Acts Kenya Crafts bags available at Impact Thrift StoresFor the 60’s style Activist Mom: One of the items in the Parade Picks that caught my eye is a handbag designed by Women in Kenya sold in support of “female-owned-businesses worldwide”.  Through a local organization called Sustained Acts, each Impact Thrift Stores also carries a variety of items, including bags and baskets, that directly support craftspeople and villagers in Kenya. 100% of the purchase price of these items goes directly to Sustained Acts in support of orphanages as well as sustainable green technology in Kenya.

Sustained Acts Kenya Craft Bag at Impact Thrift StoresFeasterville shoppers might be familiar with a section of the store called Impact International. This department includes handcrafted jewelry and gift items from a variety of international non-profits that support women who have been rescued from brothels and sexual slavery. Click here to read more about Impact International!

For the Fashionista Mom: Jewelry, jewelry, jewelry and the hottest fashion labels around. On any given day (and especially this week) you might find a string of pearls, a boho triple wrap bracelet, a Coach handbag, a Michael Kors dress or a pair of Manolo Blahnik pumps in just the right size! Mom will be thrilled!

Professional and college team fan attire is available year round at every Impact Thrift StoreAnd for the Sports Fan Mom: Is mom a die-hard Phillies Phan? We’ve got Phillies gear galore! Each of our stores is stocked with the seasonal sports apparel of both professional and college teams alike.

And when all else fails… how about an Impact Thrift Gift Certificate! Encourage mom to shop for herself. She will be amazed at what she finds in any of our 4 stores while feeling the warmth of supporting charities and the environment! A win-win!

Acceptance and Respect – An Intern’s Experience


Jenkintown Day Nursery students Sensory Walk~by Alicia Stewart

According to the University of Oregon, “The concept of diversity encompasses acceptance and respect. It means understanding that each individual is unique, and recognizing our individual differences. These can be along the dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or other ideologies. It is the exploration of these differences in a safe, positive, and nurturing environment. It is about understanding each other and moving beyond simple tolerance to embracing and celebrating the rich dimensions of diversity contained within each individual.”

On February 27, I set out on a new journey – I began traveling a path that would lead me to Jenkintown Day Nursery (JDN). Traveling along this path would lead me to the exploration of individuals as well as their unique differences.

When I began my journey, I was quite timid and certainly had no idea what was in store for me, yet I tried to keep a positive frame of mind. I grew even wearier when I was asked to create a new brochure for the organization, as I had never done so before.

Flipping through the pages of my notebook feeling quite apprehensive, I began thinking about a quote I once read by children’s author Stephen Cosgrove: “Never judge someone by the way he looks or a book by the way it’s covered; for inside those tattered pages, there’s a lot to be discovered.”  Little did I know that this would mark the beginning of what was sure to be countless new discoveries.

After a few short days of working at JDN, I quickly discovered that the nursery school provided such a nurturing environment for the children, unlike any other I have previously seen. JDN felt like more than just a nursery school, rather it felt like an extended family.

Jenkintown Day Nursery assemblyAs I stood outside taking pictures, I couldn’t help hearing the sound of laughter filling the air.  Children of different ages and ethnicities were playing so wonderfully together and it warmed my heart to see this.

Despite such physical differences among the children, I felt as though there was a sense of unity in the way that they interacted with one another. They even seemed to have a high level of respect for one another. Who knew that young children could in their own way, grasp an understanding of diversity and what it encompasses!

As recess continued on, I spent the remainder of the time studying each child; there they were scattered about, each child unique in his or her own way. With the children running past me and the sunning beaming down on my face, I felt a sense of tranquility. Somehow everything felt right with the world.

Reaching the end of my exploration, I felt as though I had gained a very large addition to my family. I was truly blessed to have been welcomed into such a nurturing environment by the children as well as the staff. Working at JDN made me far more aware of the importance of diversity. As exemplified at JDN, diversity involves embracing each child and his/her uniqueness. After all, “there is much to be discovered inside those tattered pages.”

I want to give a special thanks to Larry Feeley, Executive Director at JDN, for such a wonderful opportunity.


jdn_logoJenkintown Day Nursery provides affordable, quality, educational child care to the children of working families in our community. They are located at Hilltop & Baeder Roads in Jenkintown, PA and can be reached by phone 215.884.1992 or

ECOfest Home Show… Where Home Decor Meets Sustainability


Impact Thrift Eco Fest LogoPut the Theories of  Earth Day into Practice EVERY Day!

On Saturday, April 27, 2013, join us at Impact Thrift Stores Feasterville for ECOfest Home Show, a day filled with valuable information, interactive (free!) workshops, and easy ideas you can implement in your home today.

Workshops: Where Home Decor Meets Sustainability!
From Noon to 5:30 pm, enjoy 4 different workshops focusing on your home and how you can spruce it up in an ECO-friendly way!

•  12-1:00pm “Get Organized…for Good!”, Audrey Cupo of A Better Space
o Learn how to “Make an Impact” by Eliminating Clutter. Audrey is passionate about helping others get organized. No matter who you are or where you are in your life, you can get organized and stay organized, once and for all! Your home will thank you and you will feel lighter in the process. Promise!

Audrey Cupo of A Better SpaceAudrey Cupo Audrey is a professional organizer who specializes in residential organizing.  She can organize any room in your home, from attics to basements and any room in between. Having always been neat and organized gives her the opportunity as a professional organizer to show you the secrets she has  developed in her own life. Anyone can adopt these techniques and achieve the same results when they are shown how. Not only does she physically work to organize a room, or even an entire home, she also works along with you to teach you how to easily maintain the systems she has put into place. Visit to learn more. Audrey can also be reached at

•  1:30-2:30pm “Furniture Rehab”, Roger Foster of Impact Thrift Stores
o Have a chair in need of a face lift…Give new life to vintage, antique and mid-century furniture. Learn the techniques you need to makeover thrifted furniture to a covetable high standard.

Roger Foster, Impact Thrift Stores, presents a workshop at the ECOfest Home Show in FeastervilleRoger Foster: With almost four decades of wood working experience, Roger’s background in the furniture arts is long and varied.  He started his training with his father in a small  shop in his parents garage.  Upon graduation from high school, he took a job with world renowned woodworker George Nakashima in Solebury, PA.,studying and working with some of the best cabinetmakers in the area. Several years later, Roger started his own business, Foster Furniture in upper Bucks Co.which he still operates on a part time basis today. Foster Furniture does furniture refinishing, repair, and reupholstery as well as custom orders and design. Roger says, “I feel,one of the most important things we can do, is use more of what we already have and give new purpose to items that some think of as trash” If you have any questions, Roger can be reached at

•  3:00-4:00pm “Fabric Facelifts” Beth Allen of DIY Hip Chicks
o Use fabric to transform your home on a budget– Fast fabric facelifts could be just the thing to update your space. Project ideas for every sewing skill level and comfort zone—even have no-sew fabric projects! Learn to upholster a headboard, cornace board, make pillows and more…

Beth Allen, DIY Hip ChicksBeth Allen is a seasoned Do-It-Yourself chick, licensed contractor, registered nurse, entrepreneur, blogger, and educator. As founder of HIP Chicks (a.k.a. Home Improvement Project Chicks), Beth has built a fun, practical, and money saving DIY resource for women. HIP Chicks offers a blog, videos, and workshops to make the DIY world easy and uncomplicated for women. HIP Chicks has been featured on 6 ABC, NBC 10, PHL 17, Fox 29, and BEN FM. She is currently writing a DIY book and producing her own DIY video series. Beth’s goal to to build smart, capable, and confident women homeowners. Beth and her sassy sidekick, Henrietta, live in Horsham, PA with a very supportive husband and three handy sons. Visit Beth’s website or contact her directly at

•  4:30- 5:30pm “Design on a Dime”, Jeannie Weber of Oskar Huber Furniture
o Discover great ideas to decorate your home on a budget with thrifted design ideas that you can apply all over the house. Jeannie will talk furniture, accessories, how to scour thrift stores, and more. You’ll learn what purchases are worthwhile investments and great ideas for re-purposing, re-using.

Jeannie Weber of Oskar Huber Furniture presents a workshop at Impact Thrift Stores ECOfest Home ShowJeannie WeberI left a career in real estate in 1989 to develop my talents as a designer. For 20 years I have been engaged in sales and design at Oskar Huber Furniture & Design in Southampton. Recognizing the tremendous impact environment has on one’s psyche, I work diligently to meld the physical and psychological elements of design. I am committed to listening to the needs of my clients, weaving personal preferences into the final design. I believe that “the home is a reflection of the heart” which brings a unique touch to all my projects. Please email me for an appointment

This event will be held at our Feasterville Impact Thrift Store: 91 E. Street Road @ Bustleton Pike, Feasterville, PA

Interested in attending a workshop? Want more info about the event? Please RSVP and contact Tamika Miller, or by phone 267.387.0030, x5111.

ALSO… Metal/Electronics Recycling Event
From 9 am to 2 pm, 611 Metals Recycling will be set up behind the store to accept your non-working electronics such as computers, radios, sound systems, etc. No TVs will be accepted. 611 Metals will also accept old and rusty metal patio furniture, file cabinets and basically… anything metal. All of your recyclable donations translate into funds for our supported charities.



Silk Tie-Dye Easter Eggs


DIY Dye Easter Eggs with Silk Tie

Is your family tradition to spend time together dying colorful Easter Eggs? If so, try this wonderfully easy and creative way to dye eggs and recycle at the same time.

At Impact Thrift we love the idea of recycling/repurposing and present our version of this free tutorial.  As you see from the photo above, our version adds white tie-die-esque areas to the print design resembling the look of some spring and summer fashions.

DIY Silk Tie Easter Egg suppliesFirst, gather your supplies. You’ll need:

• Raw Eggs
• Colorful 100% Silk Ties – one per egg
• White fabric such as an old sheet or pillowcase cut into approx 9” squares
• Rubber bands or twist ties – 2 per egg
• 1/4 Cup White Vinegar
• 2-4 quart sauce pan, tap water, stove

And here’s how:
Use only Silk Ties for this DIY Easter Egg projectStep 1, choose 100% silk ties. This process does not work with synthetic or polyester ties because of the type of dyes used. We didn’t try cotton ties but if you try it and it works, please let us know! Each tie should have a fiber content label similar to the one in photo. The wide ties provide more fabric than skinny ties. Silk ties are readily available at Impact Thrift Stores for under $1 each!

Deconstruct a Silk Tie to create a DIY Silk Tie Dyed Easter EggStep 2, Deconstruct the wide end of the tie by carefully removing the stitching that holds the various layers together. Cut across the tie approx. 6 inches from the bottom point.

wrap your raw eggs in silk tie fabric to create Silk Tie Dyed Easter EggsStep 3. Holding the right side of the silk fabric against your egg, tightly wrap the fabric around the egg taking care not to crush the egg! Try to lay the fabric flat against the shell with as few wrinkles as possible. Tightly tie the top of the fabric with either a rubber band or twist tie. Any wrinkles or gaps in fabric may result in un-dyed (white) portions of shell showing. Of course, you may choose to leave areas white as a design element (I meant to do that!)

DIY Tie Dyed Easter Eggs wrapped in white fabric ready for the boiling waterStep 4.  Next, wrap a square of the white fabric around each egg in the same manner. Tie the top of each in the same manner. The white fabric keeps the colors from blending together.

pot boiling_smStep 5. Fill a saucepan with enough water to cover the eggs. Bring to a boil and then add 1/4 cup white vinegar. Carefully place the eggs in the pot and boil for 20 minutes.

Step 6. Use tongs to remove the eggs from the water and allow to cool in a colander. Once cool, remove the fabric and…

VoilaColorful, one of a kind, Easter eggs!  

Click here for a printable version of this DIY tutorial.

DIY Dye your own Easter Eggs using Recycled Silk Ties

Calling All Philatelists…


That would be Stamp Collectors to you and me!


We’ve said it often and we’ll say it once again… you never know what you might find at Impact Thrift Stores!

We have received as a donation a rare collection of worldwide postage stamps in an original hardcover 1893 Scott International Album. The album, in its entirety is now available in the Silent Auction at our Hatboro store. The auction will continue until 7 days has passed without a bid.

This is a high quality collection, containing a surprising amount of increasingly rare stamps such as United States Scott catalog issues #1, 112, 114, 118 and 121 in used condition. U.S. unused issues in this collection include Scott numbers 112, 113, 115, and 116 (faults).

Philatelists will find attractive representatives of early face values to 24 cents, with national and continental issues up to 90 cent values. Items of particular interest and value include United States First Bureau Issue series, Scott numbers 219-229, in mint condition with some stuck down to the page; and the complete mint Columbian Set with the $3, $4, and $5 issues stuck down.

Also included are U.S. Special Delivery E1, E2 and E3 mint, all stuck down; Postage Due 1st to 3rd issue, used and mint to 30 cents; plus Officials, Cut Squares, Revenues (including Scott #R84a), Hawaii and the Confederate States of America issues.

A professional reviewer assures us that this is an exceptional collection, with the high probability that there are some valuable “sleepers” among the more well-known, high value issues. The newest date in the collection is 1893. The majority of stamps stuck down to the page are likely this way due to self-attachment through long years in slightly damp basement storage and not due to intentional mechanical attachment. They appear to be only lightly attached and would likely respond well to non-destructive steaming to release from pages if desired.69-72 Columbian Issue-72 72-96-72 69a-72





















Worldwide stamps in this collection include Canada, France and her Colonies, German States and Colonies, Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland and Scandinavia, with some Asia. Much of this part of the collection is in mint condition stuck down to the page. There are several glassine envelopes containing loose, unsorted stock. There is some unused stock with no gum throughout the collection.

A selection of  World Stamps are pictured below: 

The collection will be auctioned intact only – bids must be placed in person at the Hatboro Impact Thrift Store only.

Silent Auction rules are simple:

  • Acquire a bidding number from any of our stores.  Your number is unique to you, can be used at all stores, and does not expire.
  • You may bid on as many items as you like, following the minimum bid increments over a previous bid.
  • The item auction is over after 7 days of inactivity at which point the highest bidder is declared the winner. If the winning bidder reneges in the purchase, that bidder may be banned by store management from future participation.
  • Bidding must be completed in person.  A bid can not be placed via telephone or electronically.
  • Method of payment accepted are cash and credit cards (MC, Visa, Discover).
  • Coupons, department sales or any other discount will not be applied to a Silent Auction purchase.

Each thumbnail is clickable to view a larger image:


UPcycle T-Shirts into Knitting Yarn


Upcycled t-shirt knitting yarnDid you know… Almost anything can become knitting yarn!  

Whether you are an experienced knitter or just a beginner, creating your own yarn can be fun and a very creative way to begin a new project. With a sharp scissor and a few old t-shirts, you’re ready to get started. A great re-purpose, up-cycle, re-cycle project… A great first knitting project for beginners!

Choose your fiber:

T-shirts make a great choice as a beginner fiber. They are plentiful, brightly colored and easy to work with. Choose t-shirts that are solid colors, tie dye, or printed. Avoid t-shirts with obvious stains or holes. Also try to avoid shirts with side seams.


choose t-shirts in graduated colors for an ombre effect

Consider color and quantity of yarn you might need for your finished project. One XL shirt can yield between 25 and 40 yards of yarn depending upon the width and length of the shirt and usable fabric. If you are fortunate enough to accumulate a large number of the same shirt, you will have more matching yarn. Consider gathering shirts in white, black and shades of grey which can knit into an ombre effect or shades in one color family such as our example. Impact Thrift Stores has a never ending supply of gently-used t-shirts to choose from.

Prepare your fiber:

Start by washing and drying your shirt(s). Even shirts that are clean but have been packed away for a while should be freshly laundered.

Now… let’s get started!

In addition to your t-shirts, you will need sharp fabric scissors and a ruler or yardstick.

step 2 trim away sleeves before turning your tshirt into kntting yarn

First, carefully lay one shirt on your table matching the bottom hem across. Smooth the fabric from the side, removing any wrinkles. Trim off the hem edge through both layers (front and back) as straight as possible. Next, cut straight across the chest just under the sleeves. You will be working with the body of the shirt which now resembles a tube, not the sleeve/neck section. Do not cut up the side seams.

cut almost to the edge of your side seam but leave 1 inch uncut to create continuous knitting yarn from a tshirt
Next, starting at one side of the shirt, cut 1 inch strips across through both layers, parallel to the hem edge, stopping 1 inch from the other side seam. Do not cut completely across but leave the strips connected on the side as pictured at left and below. Continue cutting 1 inch wide strips until you reach the other cut (chest) edge.

cut 1 inch strips of fabric stopping 1 inch from side edge

As you’ve cut through both layers of fabric (front and back), you’ve created long tubes or circles of fabric connected to each other along one edge.

Open the cut fabric tube and lay it on a table exposing the 2” of uncut fabric. Spread your fabric on a table and begin to carefully cut the strips into one continuous strand starting at the bottom edge. cutting guide - turn tshirt into continuous strand of knitting yarnYour first cut will start on the edge of the fabric and angle up to the first strip, through one layer of fabric (from Star A to B in the diagram). Next, carefully cut on the angle from the first cut on the left to the next cut up on the right (from A to B). Continue one cut at a time on this angle through one layer of fabric, cutting from point A to point B until you reach the other edge. Cut from the last point A on the same angle off the edge (as you did in the first cut Star A to B.) Be careful not to cut through any of the 1 inch strips as you go.

Once all of the diagonals have been cut, start at one end and gently tug on your yarn as you wind it into a ball. As you stretch and wind the yarn, you’ll notice the edges will curl, forming a nice, smooth, even strand of “knitting yarn”, perfect for size #15 or #17 knitting needles!

Click here to download a printable version.

Happy Knitting!


Turning Pages (one at a time… but as fast as possible!) – An Intern’s Experience


Alicia Stewart, PSU Student, Impact Thrift Store Intern. “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

As I sat at my desk pondering my future, these words as spoken by St. Augustine flowed like a stream through my mind. I watched the clock, anxiously awaiting class to be dismissed.

On my drive home from class, I began thinking about my past travels. Not just in a physical sense, but rather different experiences I have had throughout my life. As a senior in college, I came to the realization that it was time to embark on a new path of travel; I became fixated on the thought of getting an internship.

It seemed rather instantaneous that I was hired as an intern for Impact Thrift Stores. I was overwhelmed with excitement when Frank Hartwell (Education Program Director) said that he wanted to extend an offer to me to intern for the organization. It was truly a blessing to know that I was going to be a part of such a wonderful organization. I grew eager to impart my knowledge about marketing and management to the organization.

January 8, 2013 marked the beginning of my “newly traveled path,” and in the matter of two weeks, I would be “reading several pages of the book.” Rather than limiting myself to one experience, I would soon be exposed to a multitude of them. There was far more in store for me than I could have ever imagined!

Today marks the sixth week of my internship and I have already been exposed to many new and exciting things. My experience at Impact thus far has truly been transformational, and filled with tremendous positivity. I would like to share some of the many experiences of my “travels.”

My first few weeks at Impact began at the Hatboro location. I must admit that I felt quite timid the first few weeks – not knowing anyone or what to expect didn’t help my case any. Such feelings were quickly put to rest, after being welcomed with open arms. I was blown away by how hospitable everyone was and I quickly fit right in with the crowd.

Cruise Wear Display in Impact Thrift Store  Hatboro created by PSU intern Alicia StewartThe most memorable experience that I had at Hatboro was when I was assigned a project in which I was to create a display in the store, of cruise-wear. To be completely honest I had no idea where there project was going to lead me, but I was very eager to find out. After well- thought- out plans, I completed my cruise-wear display. I decorated the display with items and clothing that were bright and symbolic of warm weather. It was truly an honor to be given such a project and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

As the weeks have passed, I have continued on with my internship at the Donation Processing Center (DPC) which has been equally rewarding as my time spent at Hatboro. Working with Jo Greenawalt (Director in Business Development) and a few others has been an unforgettable experience. Regardless of the task that I am asked to complete I feel as though I am being challenged on a daily basis as well as furthering my knowledge for the future.

Aside from traveling a new path of knowledge and experiences, I have also been traveling a new path in terms of my faith. Working with Impact has been such an incredible experience and has truly inspired me to become more devout in my faith. Impact is a wonderful organization to work for, and I am blessed to be doing the work that I am doing. In the words of Pat Conroy (New York Times bestselling author) “Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey.” As I continue on my internship journey, I hope that from this day forward, I will be just as blessed as I have been every other day.

~by Alicia Stewart

Be My Valentine: Upcycle Paper Roses


Paper rose created from sheet music Impact Thrift upcycle projectRoses are red,

Violets are blue.

You love music,

and I love you…

Ok… so I’m not a poet!

And you don’t need to be an artist to create these lovely, personalized paper roses! A great project for kids to create for mom.

First choose paper that would appeal to your sweetie. We chose sheet music from the book department at Impact Thrift Stores but consider any type or color of paper. The possibilities are endless… magazine pages, book pages, newsprint, scrap book paper, or even coloring book pages. 

Click here to download our HeartRosePattern You will need to cut a minimum of 8 hearts to create a rose. If your paper is especially fragile, cut more as some may tear as you work with them. More hearts will make a fuller flower, less a rose bud.

pinch bottom edge of each petalPinch the bottom point of the heart to give it a “U” shape. Be careful not to tear the paper as you pinch and carefully attach each heart petal by squeezing the bottom edge together. Start with two heart U’s facing each other to form the center of the rose. Tape them together at the bottom point.

Carefully add one petal at a time around the 2 petal center. Tape each in place as you go. Your petals may start to bend outward towards the outside giving your flower a more natural look. Once you have placed all the petals and they are firmly attached to each other, set it aside.add more petals

Remove the silk rose from the rose stem. This may take a little tugging strength. Once the silk flower is removed, carefully tape your paper flower around the top 1″ of the stem. Fasten securely.

paper flower replaces silk flowerWrap floral tape tightly around the bottom of your paper flower and top of stem to hide the connection.

Add a red ribbon bow and present to your sweetheart with a smile!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Click here for a printable version including heart petal pattern.

Share your Story – Philadelphia Home Show Ticket Giveaway


Sample of Philadelphia Home Show TicketOur friend, Denise Sabia of The Painted Home, a Featured Designer at this year’s Philadelphia Home Show, has invited Impact Thrift Stores to partner in her Craft Room display!  She will be demonstrating how to use Impact Thrift Store finds in unexpected ways… or expected ways with a twist! The show runs from February 2 through 10 at the Philadelphia Convention Center on Market Street.

Have you ever been to the Philadelphia Home Show?

What… you don’t have tickets?

Well… We have tickets and we’d love to share them with you!

Here’s how…

Everyone has an Impact Thrift story to share…

  • A Fabulous Fashion Find for less
  • A Re-purpose or Up-cycle Project or Inspiration from Impact Thrift finds
  • A DIY project you created from one of our Free DIY Tutorials
  • An item you may have donated that has special meaning to you or your family
  • An experience at our store with a special purchase or donation
  • Or any other Impact Thrift story (or photos) you’d like to share…

Share those stories with us and win 2 tickets to this year’s Philadelphia Home Show!  Click here to E-mail your story (and mailing address please)… and the first 50 responses will receive 2 free tickets to the Home Show!

The fine print… because there is always fine print:

All entries must be received by Wednesday, January 30, 2013. One entry per mailing/e-mail address. By entering you agree to allow us to share your stories on social media.  We will not share your address, e-mail address or last name anywhere.

Share your New Year’s Resolution… A Diet for your Home!


So New Year’s has come and gone… We all made resolutions that we may (or may not) be sticking with at this point in mid-January. Was one of your resolutions to watch your diet and get more exercise?

Well, share that resolution and put your HOME on the Diet… The De-Clutter Diet!

Is your home a candidate? Take this simple quiz to find out…

if you check even one item, you home is a candidate for a de-clutter diet

If you have checked even one box the answer is “YES!” Your home is a candidate for a Declutter Diet!

Impact Thrift Stores is here to help!

Please Donate those gently-used items that no longer fit your lifestyle or are just in your way and support locally-based charities at the same time! Click here to learn more about donating to Impact Thrift Stores!

Drop off your donations at any of our 4 stores Monday thru Saturday 8:30 am to 5 pm.  OR We can schedule a free pickup larger items that are too big or too heavy to fit in your car. Call 215.957.6131 to schedule a FREE pick-up of large items today!

Your home will thank you and YOU will feel lighter in the process! Promise!