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January: 5 Weeks of Opportunity

There are 5 weeks in January 2013… 5 weeks of cold, sometimes snowy weather… 5 weeks of being stuck indoors with nothing to do… We like to think of January as… 5 weeks of Opportunity! 5 weeks to tackle 5 projects! A makeover of mind and matter. Week 1… Give yourself a break! So you didn’t accomplish […]

Good… Better… BEST!

Coats… book bags… shoes… keys… Do these things tend to accumulate in one spot in your home? In your mud room or kitchen? Near the back door, front door or wherever the kids drop them when they get home from school? Would you call it organized chaos? Or maybe a little less than organized? Your […]

6 Organizing Suggestions from a Recovering Procrastinator

If you’re like me, your to-do list always seems to contain one room or another in need of organizing. But there are so many easier things on the list to accomplish so that room sits, patiently waiting for attention.  When I step into that room, I just have no idea where to begin and usually […]